Crazy Saloon VR

Crazy Saloon VR : The Virtual Saloon Experience.

Discover the Old West with this quirky saloon simulator built for HTC Vive.


Bottle Skeet

Are you a bad boy? Prove it and shoot as fast as you can. But beware, only the bottles.


Well, you know, darts!

Chicken Feast

For the first time in your life experience what it's like to be a hungry chicken.

Bar Defense

As the bartender's son your job is to get rid of all the bandits that are coming for your Pop's sweet homebrew.


Take on the role of the bartender and serve the thirsty cowboys but don't let them leave without paying.

Free Mode

Of course you're also able to roam freely around the saloon shooting things and stuff, fully express your craziness!

Pony Express


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